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Items mentioned in the programme

  • "SPY'S CREAM : Putin’s ‘secret agent Cornetto’ exposed as same ice-cream seller spotted serving him at different events", The Sun (30 August 2019)

  • Joe Biden mispronounces "Rishi Sunak" (

  • Rishi Sunak promoting extremely dangerous CBDCs (

  • "Bombs away! Male porn star who took controversial trans teacher with size Z prosthetic breasts on a skydive says he considered it ‘a challenge’ given her weight", Mail Online (24 November 2022)

  • "Was the fake boobs teacher a hoax?", (26 September 2022)

    •  URL of anonymous Twitter comment about Kayla Lemieux (

  • Did Henry VIII write Greensleaves? Wikipedia doesn't think so, so maybe he did. (

  • "Judge rules that bees, legally, can be fish", The Independent (02 June 2022)

  • Rishi Sunak's red/green folder mystery (Sky News on YouTube) (

    • [JC: Some claim to have solved this deep mystery. See: However, TMR is not so easily persuaded. Indeed a TMR Think-tank is being planned thoroughly to investigate this crucial matter sometime in the New Year.]

  • "Former US President Donald Trump sells out NFT trading cards", BBC News (16 December 2022)

  • "There was a creepy fifth housemate lurking in cult TV show The Young Ones — and hardly anyone noticed", (29 June 2016)

  • "Sarcastic BrewDog reacts as beer advert is banned", Sky News (07 December 2022)

  • "NYC New School students demand ‘A’ grades, refunds after faculty strike", New York Post (17 December 2022)

  • "COVID Vaccine Hesitancy and Risk of a Traffic Crash"

    • "A Study in Stupidity: does the covid vaccine really lower your risk of being in a car accident?", Prof Norman Fenton on YouTube (

  • " 'Lettuce all pray for Liz Truss' - PM loses to vegetable in Daily Star stunt", Sky News (21 October 2022)

  • Matt Taibbi's The Twitter Files (

  • "Episode 429 - Meet Elon Musk, Technocratic Huckster", The Corbett Report (18 October 2022)



TMR would also like to thank the following people for their valuable contributions to this year's New Year's Eve show.

  • GK—for the excellent graphics work. (Thanks again GK! Sorry you couldn't be with us this time.)

  • Jenifer Thyssen—for her beautiful musical composition (written especially for the show) setting the poem "Christmas Meditation" by George Macdonald (1824-1905), and her exquisite performance of the same. (Thank you Jenifer— such a beautiful piece!)

    • The poem by George Macdonald can be read here (


 Copyright & Disclaimers

  • Episode music: "A Sailing Milk Moustache" by Bob Purse (from the album "The Many Moods of Bob") via (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0).

  • All the music and musical performances in this podcast are Copyright © their respective copyright holders, all rights reserved; used with kind permission.

  • Vocal excerpts, and quotations from articles and papers, used in the spirit of Fair Use for the purposes of commentary and satire.

  • Slide show image (below) Copyright © GK of Like Flint Radio, all rights reserved; used with kind permission.

  • The opinions expressed by the guests on this show are the responsibility of each alone; they do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mind Renewed.

  • TMR wishes to state that the fact that these creative materials appear in TMR productions should in no way be understood as implying that its creators endorse anything published by TMR.




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