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(Phill is a Christian minister. Ordained in the Church of England, he formerly served in a parish on the Essex coast, but now leads an independent housechurch. He also runs the online ministries, "Understand the Bible", and "Sacred Musings : Building on Christian Foundations" on YouTube.)


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  • "You Won't Believe The Words From This "Prayer" At a Lutheran Church", BlackConservative24 YouTube channel ( [JC: As I said in the conversation, I don't know if this is a genuine service. I suppose it might be a parody. I suspect it's real, but I'll leave that to you to judge.]

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    • Please note that the above page contains a link to the doctoral thesis of Hugh Rowland Page entitled: “The astral revolt : A study of its reflexes in Canaanite and Hebrew literature.”

    • Dr Page is currently a professor of religion at The University of Notre Dame (

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