Account SuspendedAnother short podcast just to explain what's been going on with TMR over the last several weeks. As some of you may know (if you've been to the Schedule Page recently), the TMR website was suspended near the beginning of April for technical reasons—although initially I thought it might be for political reasons, but thankfully it wasn't. To remedy the situation, I had to delete all the audio files from the server within seven days—(or else the suspension would be repeated)—which, of course, left the website as a kind of empty shell of podcast descriptions with no audio content. Then I was left with the question: What now? Was there a practical alternative for hosting TMR's content? Or was it all over?

Please join me on my short walk in the depths—well, not quite "the depths"—of the Lancashire countryside as I explain a little more about what's been preoccupying me for the last several weeks.

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