US Senator Lindsey Graham, "We're on a collision course with North Korea", YouTube channel of Today, NBC (19 April 2017


Further to our recent interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts in which we touched on the Trump administration's current stance towards North Korea, let us savour some of the recent choice words of peace-loving US Senator Lindsey Graham on NBC's Today programme, a man who, as a member of the US Senate Committee on Armed Services, has the ear of the president.


Show host #1: "Would you be for a pre-emptive strike?"

Lindsey Graham: "If that’s what it would take."


Show host #2: "If the US were to launch a pre-emptive strike, we'd be at war in the Korean Peninsula, right?"

Lindsey Graham: "It would be terrible, but the war would be over here [there]; it wouldn’t be here. You know, it would be bad for the Korean Peninsula. It would be bad for China. It would be bad for Japan - be bad for South Korea. It would be the end of North Korea. But what it would not do is hit America, and the only way it could ever come to America is with a missile. And we're not going to allow that happen, I hope."


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