Clive James, "Climate Alarmists Were Bound to Run Out of Credibility" [external PDF], Global Warming Policy Foundation ( (31 July 2017)

During my childhood, and particularly my teenage years—(although, as anyone who knows me well would confirm, I manitain that teenagers don't exist)—I remember enjoying Clive James on British TV very much indeed. I find his brand of humour difficult to define—maybe there's something Australian about it, I don't know (I must ask Garth Kennedy)—but he always seemed able to contruct a turn of phrase that suddenly caught you off-guard while brilliantly highlighting the ridiculous in the subject he was talking about. 

Much older now, of course, and living on borrowed time in his struggle with leukemia (as he himself admits), the author, journalist and poet has lost none of his humorous touch, as witnessed by this rather delightful personal dig at the anthropogenic climate change alarmist establishment. If, like me (and him) (and Garth Kennedy), you have your doubts about all the fuss, you will enjoy this piece.

[Thanks, John, for drawing my attention to it.]

Image: "CLIVE JAMES" by RubyGoes on Flickr (CC BY 2.0); cropped

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