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Chris Bell, "The people who think 9/11 may have been as 'inside job' ", BBC News (01 February 2018)

I amaze myself. Even though—as the writer reliably informs us (and he must be reliable because he's writing for the BBC)—"subsequent investigations have made it clear that the tower structures were weakened by the inferno from the planes and felled by the weight of collapsing floors"—even now—yes, even now—"some people refuse to believe this version of events."
So, there it is. Apparently, I (along with "some" others) simply refuse to believe that which has been made clear. We just won't give in, in spite of the great clarity with which we have been gifted by "subsequent investigations". If I could thank Mr. Bell for his words of wisdom—which I would, in suidiv tone—I would also direct his attention to the wisdom of others (, and then gently point to the encouraging fact that his piece seems to have attracted overwhelmingly negative comments from "some people" on the BBC Trending Facebook page.
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Image sources: BBC article and BBC Trending Facebook page

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