Search For Truth In Douma Rubble (Robert Fisk)

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Robert Fisk, "The Search for Truth in the Rubble of Douma - and one doctor's doubts over the chemical attack", The Independent (16 April 2018)

This strikes me as very important. Veteran reporter Robert Fisk reports from Douma sharing a particular account of the alleged "chemical attack" that turns out to be very similar to that reported by Russian media in interviews with people who claimed to have been at the scene: that people were being treated for smoke inhalation, but then a "White Helmet" came in shouting "Gas!" and panic commenced.
If these accounts are true—and they seem compelling to me at present—then it looks as if this panic was engineered by manipulating ordinary members of the public into being scared for the lives of their children, and video-ed for the purposes of propaganda.


Image source: Robert Fisk by Alan Liefting (own work) via Wikimedia Commons [public domain]
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