"Salvation vs Enlightenment with Michael Graham", Deep State Consciousness YouTube channel (14 April 2018)

This is a highly-recommended conversation from the Deep State Consciousness podcast. Richard Cox interviews Michael Graham, former teacher of Eastern spirituality and author of the book From Guru to God : An Experience of the Ultimate Truth, whose spiritual journey eventually led him to faith in Christ. [Download mp3]


"In the 1960s Michael Graham travel to India to become one of the first Western devotees of Swami Muktananda. Over the next thirty years he immersed himself in Eastern Spirituality, meeting and studying with a plethora of gurus and teachers, as well as becoming a teacher himself. All this came to a conclusion when an unexpected encounter with Jesus Christ led him to become an Evangelical Christian. In this interview we explore that journey and the cognitive shifts it entails. Michael has the kind of critical insight into the Eastern traditions that a person can only find when they have been deeply involved and then jumped ship – seeing from another point of view. I explore with him themes around 'Existential Rest' and how he conceives of the difference between the Christian concept of Salvation and the Eastern concept of Enlightenment. Whether you agree with Michael's ultimate conclusion or not, it's clear he has a lot to offer spirituality inclined people of any tradition."—Deep State Consciousness
Salvation vs Enlightenment with Michael Graham
Image source: "Dawn of Eternity 2" by Waiting for the Word on Flickr (CC BY 2.0); distorted.

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