JohnBoltonNews48"John Bolton Warns Syria: U.S. "Will Respond Strongly" If Chemical Weapons Used In Idlib", NBC News Youtube Channel (22 August 2018)

Excuse my cynicism, but aren't the words of US National Security Advisor John Bolton, who here "warns" Assad not to order the use of chemical weapons in Idlib—which, it seems to me, he has no good reason to do—likely to encourage violent jihadists opposed to the Syrian government to carry out just such an attack (or related hoax) to be blamed on Assad?

When I spoke recently to former UK ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, I asked him about this kind of rhetoric, and he agreed that it does indeed represent policy on a part of the US state (not Trump) to encourage false flag attacks for the purpose of justifying US (and allies) military action.

I find this deeply depressing, as I suspect you do too. But, as I often say these days, just look at the comments under this video (on the NBC News Youtube channel). So many people can clearly see what's going here, which I think gives some grounds for optimism.

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Image by White House ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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