"Skripal attack: Bellingcat names second Salisbury suspect", BBC News (08 October 2018)

Wow, Bellingcat does it again! Aren't they amazing? No wonder its founder was promoted to the position of Atlantic Council Nonresident Senior Fellow, Digital Forensic Research Lab, Future Europe Initiative. But let's stand back from all this for a moment. Why are these "revelations" coming from an "investigative website" that was founded "with the help of a crowd-funding campaign"?

Doesn't this seem rather odd? I mean, what are the British security services doing while all this is going on? They must surely know at least as much as Bellingcat? After all, we pay them millions of pounds each year to do work specifically related to national security, whereas (presumably) a website like Bellingcat is entirely dependent on donations. And yet it's always Bellingcat that finds the crucial pieces in the puzzle. Mmm.   


  • Image from article.

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