TMR p "Dr Corsi Decodes 4/3/20: Dr Vladimir Zelenko & Dr. Karladine Graves - HCQ Protocol To Win Virus War", Jerome Corsi YouTube channel (03 April 2020)

I found this interview very interesting. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko—a family doctor in Monroe, New York—discusses a treatment protocol he has developed involving hydroxychloroquine and zinc, which he claims is proving very effective with patients suffering with covid-19. To be clear, I am not endorsing anything said in this video—I am neither a medic nor a scientist—and I am aware that there are official reservations about this type of treatment at the moment, but I do find Dr. Zelenko's experience captivating and his arguments compelling. But you decide.

At the very least,  this interview presents some hope that treatments—as distinct from a vaccine—may be forthcoming with time, that is if there's a will to find them and use them.



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