TMR t James M Todaro, MD, "A Study Out of Thin Air", (29 May 2020)

James M. Todaro (MD Columbia) takes a preliminary look at the mysterious company Surgisphere, the controversial data firm behind the infamous Lancet study that recently poured cold water on HCQ and CQ as treatments for Covid-19. (It was that study in The Lancet that prompted—or gave the excuse?—for the WHO to put on hold its Solidarity Trial of HCQ as a treatment for Covid-19.)

"Misinformation is bad. Misinformation in medicine is worse. Misinformation from a prestigious medical journal is the worst."—Todaro

(Again, just for the record, I am not medically qualified, and I do not know if hydroxychloroquine is effective or safe for anything whatsoever. But I will say this: if I ever come down with this wretched Covid-19, I would want my GP to be free to exercise their professional judgement and be able to prescribe HCQ for me if they believed it to be beneficial.)

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