TMR f Professor Joe Jarvis, "...the more implausible any of it seems...", (31 May 2020)

Professor Joe Jarvis—a UK NIHR Global Health Research Professor currently based in Botswana—shares his twitter thread in which he complains of data implausibility in the Lancet study based on his research experience in Africa.

"Based on my group’s research experience in southern Africa, even in settings with the most developed electronic medical records systems in sub-Saharan Africa such as South Africa or Botswana, this kind of data cannot be obtained."—Jarvis

(Again, just for the record, I am not medically qualified, and I do not know if hydroxychloroquine is effective or safe for anything whatsoever. But I will say this: if I ever come down with this wretched Covid-19, I would want my GP to be free to exercise their professional judgement and be able to prescribe HCQ for me if they believed it to be beneficial.)

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