TMR zu Ivor Cummins, "Short Video on India Situation: What does the Current Data Say?", The Fat Emperor via Odysee (27 April 2021)

However horrendous the situation is in India with the current rise in COVID-19 deaths (which depths of tragedy I do not minimise one bit), I nevertheless think Ivor Cummins makes a good case that the scale of the tragedy is currently being exaggerated by the mainstream media.

And while I'm at it, let me recommend Ivor's Fat Emperor podcast. (I'm not a medical doctor don't forget! I'm just sharing this as a matter of interest.) Ivor is a bright chap and he's certainly got me thinking about diet and health in new ways. I'm not a convert yet to all his recommendations, but I'm certainly learning a lot through listening.

As a start, why not try this? - an excellent dicsussion with some doctors on the subject of Vitamin D and COVID. It's from the end of last year, but well worth listening to IMHO. Here it is on (

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