TMR f "Bret Weinstein and Chris Martenson Simulcast", Dark Horse Podcast via Peak Prosperity Odysee channel (22 January 2022)

This isn't so much a recommendation as a notice: PLEASE WATCH THIS. We need to understand the present moment. The COVID narrative (or the current phase of it) seems to be collapsing, but the forces that exploit(ed) the so-called pandemic are very much still in place. Here, Drs Weinstein and Martenson provide amazingly clear analysis of the situation we face and offer a vision for what they believe should now happen for this kind of tragedy never to be repeated.

I may not agree with every aspect of their analysis—or see eye-to-eye with Bret's occasional digression into quasi-mystical evolutionism—but their main message is clear and vital. Whoever we are, and whatever we believe, we MUST now learn to put aside our differences (while not abandoning our distinctives) and work TOGETHER for truth, freedom and inalienable human rights. And we must do so NOW.

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