TMR f James Delingpole, "Beware the Covid turncoats crawling out of the woodwork", Conservative Woman (24 January 2022)

Excellent piece by the one and only James Delingpole—(now, I'm glad to say, proudly self-identifying as a "conspiracy theorist")—who hits out at all the media pundits currently claiming that they had reservations about COVID restrictions all along. (No surprise really. I've often noticed that when a story changes many people are quick to try to convince others, and themselves, that they "thought so all along".)

But beyond that, James warns of a greater problem—as do Weinstein and Martenson in their excellent discussion—that, if these "turncoats" manage to pull off their journalistic revisionism, they will remain comfortably in place, ready to serve as prominent mouthpieces for future monstrous narratives that are sure to follow.

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