TMR f Alex Berenson, "Israel is overrun with Covid. The vaccines have failed. The experiment must stop", Alex Berenson on Substack (28 January 2022)

I must admit, I've become a bit of an Alex Berenson fan over recent months. (Update: Well, umm, see below.). I like is forthright style, saying it as he sees it, and his sense of humour. (Although I wasn't too keen on his silly spat with Dr Robert Malone recently; and he's not quite conspiratorial enough for my tastes.) Anyway, this article is important in my view. As he says, "it's over", by which he means, judging by the Israeli data it should be over. And, in a rather nice dig at Pfizer's corporate exploitation of scientism with their "Science Will Win" meme, Berenson adds: "Science didn't win. Biology won." Very much worth a read.

(Update: Mm, I'm getting to be less of a "groupie" as time goes on. He was very good on the "pandemic" (in general). Indeed, I almost bought his Pandemia, but I find his takes on Ivermectin and Ukraine surprisingly shallow. Oh well, that's life. I still check out his posts though, and still think he's worth following.)

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