TMR fE-petition debate relating to the safety of covid-19 vaccines - Monday 25 October 2022

I'm listening to this as I type, so I haven't heard it all yet. So far it's very much worth listening to (if you can get past the blinkered presentation by the first contributor). There's nothing (so far) that's particularly revelatory, but it's very good to see the issue of covid-19 "vaccine" safety getting—at least a minimal—hearing in Parliament (though not in the Commons chamber itself). What's also good about this is that it establishes once and for all that this is no fringe concern being advanced by "conspiracy theorists" etc.; this is parliamentary time being spent on an issue raised by over 100,000 UK citizens and being responded to by their elected representatives in a serious and quite well-informed manner. Moreover, this could be very good material for "waking up" some people who remain wedded to the mainstream narrative on covid-19 "vaccines" safety. (*But below.)

  • Here is the full session on the UK Parliament YouTube channel (

[Would YouTube remove this video for "misinformation"? I wouldn't put it past them.]

*Right, well, now having heard the rest, I think the remarks by Dr Caroline Johnson MP are pretty hard to stomach. I suppose it's understandable that she would be totally on-message in her role as a UK Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department for Health and Social Care. (As a younger Chomsky might have put it, she wouldn't be doing that job if she didn't think the "right" way.) But her obvious unwillingness to take seriously any negative opinions about these products, coupled with her continuing recommendations in the face of serious questions, is (to me, anyway) difficult to digest (to continue with the alimentary figures of speech here), and her bureaucratic stance (of total faith in government positions) sharply contrasts with the genuine (and much more humane) questioning of some others on the committee. (I shall not continue the alimentary theme to its natural end, but I'm tempted.)

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