TMR f"Could These Mysterious Clots be the Cause of Death?", Dr Chris Martenson via (06 December 2022)

Sorry to flag up yet another Chris Martenson video—(I mean, sorry in the sense of being repetitive)—but this is yet another important presentation. I, just like many of you, have recently watched the famous "Died Suddenly" film, and, like Chris Martenson, I found myself thinking that it certainly raises important questions but that parts of it should have been left on the cutting room floor. (Bigfoot? What's that about?) I also thought it was a mistake to claim that the covid injections are definitely about population reduction. (I don't discount that as a possibility—time may tell, alas—but that's not currently obvious to me.*)

What is obvious to me is that that error of judgement will serve to discredit all the film's evidence in the eyes of many and play into the hands of those who wish to smear all attempts to raise serious questions about these injections. On the other hand, it did contain important evidence, and for that reason I think people should watch it, then follow that up by watching Chris Martenson's assessment. (And bear in mind that Chris, I believe, holds a PhD in pathology from Duke University, so he should know what he's talking about with these clots.)

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[* I know that for some people that will make me sound like a "shill", "controlled opposition", not a "fully red-pilled truther" or whatever, but that's life.]

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