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As, no doubt, the so-called UK "Infected Blood Scandal"—which (to riff on Lance DeHaven Smith's phrase "State Crime Against Democracy") I prefer to call the Infected Blood State Crime Against Public Trust—will soon be pushed to the back of everyone's minds by the sheer turnover of the "news" cycle, I thought I'd leave a link here to the Infected Blood Inquiry Report itself.

Like most people, I haven't yet read much of it, and I'm not likely to—it's massive—but I have so far looked at Volume 1, with its (potentially) jaw-dropping summary. (Do take a look at that.) "Potentially"? Well, prior to 2020, I might have agreed with Sir Brian Langstaff that "it will be astonishing to anyone who reads this Report that these events could have happened in the UK", but the behaviour of the medical/political establishment during Covid—which, to quote Bret Weinstein "diagnosed the system"—has left me feeling not the least astonished, alas.

Neither am I astonished by all the political talk of "failures" and "apologies" and the promises of "billions in compensation" (from the tax payer, of course). What would REALLY astonish me would be a refreshing flurry of prosecutions (if there's anyone still alive to prosecute), but—as the saying goes—I'm not holding my breath on that one. Anyway...

  • Here's the link to the Inquiry (

  • Here's a short statement by Sir Brian (

  • And here's a short video by the indefatigable Dr John Campbell on the horror of it all (

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