Arthur Silber: "Edward Snowden Tattletale", Once Upon A Time... ( (07 March 2014)


Remember what the world used to be like? ...when all our digital details were getting scooped up and stored in massive data silos? Well, now - thanks to Snowden and Greenwald...

...well, what?



Consider, asks Silber: Isn't it problematic that we'll only get to see 1% to 2% of the documents Snowden claims to have given to Greenwald? ...that many of the documents have substantial redactions? ...that, even if the NSA were closed down now, other agencies would simply carry on the same work anyway? ... that Snowden is, as he himself says, content to "leave the public interest determinations as to which of these [documents] may be safely disclosed to responsible journalists in coordination with government stakeholders"?

In the final analysis, asks Silber, isn't all this ultimately indicative of "State-sanctioned leaks" and "State-sanctioned whistleblowing"?


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