Trevor Timm: "Homeland Security was built to fend off terrorists. Why's it so busy arming cops to fight average Americans?", The Guardian (2 September 2014)


Interesting question, but was US Homeland Security really bulit to fend off terrorists? I guess it depends on what's meant by "terrorist". As the semantic range of that word continues to expand to include just about anybody the elite classes disapprove of, the question has to be asked: Was "Homeland Security" really "Ministerium für Staatssicherheit" from the start?

As Paul Craig Roberts put it back in October, when the US economy, mishandled by a "neoconized and corrupted Washington", takes a nosedive into economic emergency measures, then the US people will "know why Homeland Security purchased 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition... has its own para-military force and 2,700 tanks. If you think the 'terrorist threat' in America warrants a domestic armed force of this size, you are out of your mind. This force has been assembled to deal with starving and homeless people in the streets of America."


Article image source: "Swategway" by seantyler on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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