David Hooper: "The Anatomy of a Great Deception", David Hooper YouTube Channel (16 January 2016)


David Hooper's recent "docu-thriller" on 9/11 is well put together and presents a good deal of science-based information regarding the "collapses" of the Twin Towers and Building 7 that seriously brings into question the credibility of the official narrative. Not aimed at the seasoned 9/11 researcher, but rather at those not yet questioning that Day, David Hooper's piece offers a very good resource to share with others.

From the accompanying text on YouTube:

"This docu-thriller follows family-man-turned-filmmaker, David Hooper, as he unknowingly begins his own 9/11 investigation by asking one innocent question. Within months, his belief system is in shambles and he’s been tuned-out by those closest to him, including his wife, mom and sister. With his relationships on the brink of disaster and facing financial ruin, he risks everything on one last chance to tell his story and recover his life by making a movie for those closest to him. It worked. This is that movie."



Image source: "UA Flight 175 hits WTC south tower 9-11.jpeg" by Flickr user TheMachineStops (Flickr) (CC-BY-SA-2.0), via Wikimedia Commons; cropped, re-sized

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