TMR f Eugyppius, “We Must Find a Way to Prevent Bill Gates from Preventing the Next Pandemic", (07 May 2022)

You've probably read this already. It's certainly been shared enough online in the last 24 hours. But I simply cannot resist flagging it up anyway. The brilliant "Eugyppius" shares his review of Bill Gates' new book, How to Prevent the Next Pandemic, which he describes as suffering from a "total absence from its pages of any original thought" (which saves me £18.59 right there) and written by a man who belongs to "a new breed of low-brow elite who present themselves as leaders, while eagerly following every source of celebrity and authority they know."

In some ways I find Eugyppius's non-conspiratorial view of Gates quite appealing. It would be comforting to think that Old Bill is just a self-important sycophant with bags of cash who's been deluded into thinking he understands a bunch of stuff he doesn't because he's been surrounded by yes-men for so long, but I'm not quite convinced. While much of Eugyppius's "Theory of Gates" rings true to me, I still think there's something a bit darker about Old Bill. I hope I'm wrong, but there it is.

Anyway, if you have a few minutes, do read it (if you haven't already); and if you need a bit more persuasion, how about this fantastic line?

"Remember that this man has billions of dollars. A whole world of unusual vices stands open to him... Instead, he has chosen the path of moral vanity, perhaps the least interesting vice of all, founding a ponderous grantmaking foundation and pooping around the globe in manboobs and ill-fitting polo shirts, pronouncing to all and sundry on subjects he hardly understands."

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