"UK Citizen Takes the Hand Yourself In Challenge", Richard Rowland YouTube Channel (01 October 2014)


In response to UK Prime Minister David Cameron's chilling remarks at the UN, in which he heavily implied that those who question events such as 9/11 and 7/7 should be classified as "non-violent extremists", UK citizen Nick Kollerstrom decided to take the "Hand Yourself In Challenge": he presented himself for arrest at London's Scotland Yard.

While not agreeing with a fair amount that Mr. Kollerstrom says (which I mention in the hope of pre-empting emails asking me if I endorse his work in general), and while also doubtful that he should have persisted with this protest so long (after all, alienating members of the police force is not a good idea), I nevertheless applaud his peaceful protest in principle. Perhaps, whenever our "leaders" make outrageous statements like this we call their bluff in such creative ways, we will make it that much more difficult for such authoritarian pronouncements to take effect in our societies.

Nick Kollerstrom Takes the "Hand Yourself In Challenge" at Scotland Yard


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