Philipp Batta, Mae Ryan, Spencer Ackerman, " 'It's a domestic black site' : inside one protester's secretive US police detention", The Guardian (24 February 2015)

Video interview with Brian Jacob Church, one of the so-called "NATO Three" who were held and questioned in 2012 on suspicion of terrorism (but later convicted of "misdemeanor mob action" and "possessing an incendiary device").

In the video, which describes the Homan Square police facility where Church was taken as "Chicago's equivalent of a CIA black site", Church says that they "were never booked" or "processed", and that he "was in Homan Square for about 17 hours, handcuffed to the bench before [he] was actually finally allowed to see an attorney."

According to criminologist Tracy Siska, there is no mystery to Homan Square: allowing practices like those at Guantánamo and Abu Ghraib has led to a creeping militarisation of US domestic law enforcement.


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