Brella Productions, "Neil deGrasse Tyson discusses the universe with an 8-year old girl", Brella Productions YouTube channel (21 April 2015)

It never ceases to amaze me that some physicists insist that there are different types of nothing - that there's a real nothing, and a nothing that's really something - and that if only we could fugure out how to get from 'real nothing' to 'something nothing', then we would understand how something comes from nothing.

But the problem is, of course, that nothing means exactly that: nothing. It's the absence of anything whatsoever, and to call it a thing because we name it, is to misunderstand it. As the ancient dictum has it, "from nothing, nothing comes". Because there is something, there always has been something. The question is whether the material universe is sufficient for that something-that-has-always-been, or if there is an immaterial Something, or indeed Someone, who brought it into being. I know what I think; but, at the very least, the question is one for debate, not for semantic confusion or sleight of hand.


The girl's expression is priceless, and says it all...


 Eight-Year-Old Girl Gets Neil deGrasse Tyson ("foremost science educator in the world") to Speak Philosophical Gobbledygook
Image: "Tyson - Apollo 40th anniversary 2009.jpg" via Wikimedia Commons [Public Domain]

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