Chris Floyd, "Panic Attackers: Grass-Roots Challenge Sparks High-Level Hissy Fit", Empire Burlesque (19 August 2015)

In characteristically flamboyant style Chris Floyd pricks the bubble of British Establishment fury at Jeremy Corbyn's bid for the UK Labour Party leadership. Though apparently "unelectable" to the likes of Tony Blair (friend of "dictators and other assorted sleazebags"), Corbyn's campaign has seen "more than 400,000 people" join the ranks of the Labour Party, in sharp contrast to the exodus of "200,000 members" during the Blair years, "most of them stage left."

"Although he is a man of "radical" views — radical, that is, to the pro-biz, pro-war, austerity-embracing centre-right technocrats who run Labour — Corbyn has surged ahead by using a sneaky, sinister tactic virtually unheard of in our day: democracy." (Chris Floyd)
 Image: "Jeremy Corbyn No More War crop" by Garry Knight from London, England (Jeremy Corbin [sic]) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons; cropped, resized

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