Frankie Boyle, "How will Labour top losing the election? By losing its own leadership contest", The Guardian (27 August 2015)


The thing about comedian and master of irony Frankie Boyle is that you can never be quite sure if he's being outrageous for effect, or if he actually means what he says; that's all part of his appeal. But however he really means it, his thought is certainly worth pondering.


"We can safely assume that Corbyn is no longer on the establishment’s Christmas card list. But he has been added to their other list, right below the crossed out name of Dr David Kelly." (Frankie Boyle)
 Image: "Jeremy Corbyn No More War crop" by Garry Knight from London, England (Jeremy Corbin [sic]) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons; cropped, resized

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