Archbishop Cranmer, "The Searing Loneliness of Christmas", ArchbishopCranmer.com (20 12 2015)


The good "Archbishop" often pens a wholesome homily for the Interweb, but this time "His Grace" excels himself. In a moving piece, "His Grace" reminds us that it is not just many of the elderly who will experience intense loneliness this Christmas, but also a large number of middle-aged and young people.


"Don’t mock loneliness or deride the lonely until you’ve sat down and listened to someone bawling their eyes out for what might have been or used to be and will never be again. You may go to bed at midnight, wide-eyed with joy and childish anticipation. They, childless, fly back to their childhood, to an age when Santa came down chimneys, Rudolf shone, snowmen talked, and we three kings from Orient were."

Image: "0239" by CIA DE FOTO on Flickr (CC BY 2.0); resized, brightened

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