Frank Johnson & Garth Kennedy, "Planet X and the Theories that Love Him", Like Flint Radio (05 May 2016)


In a very enjoyable show, Garth Kennedy of Like Flint Radio interviews Frank Johnson, author and blogger at Ancient Aliens Debunked, on the subject of Planet X. Based upon Frank's article, "Our Wacky Solar System: Planet X and the Theories That Love Him”, they discuss both plausible and fringe theories surrounding Planet X.

As Frank himself puts it at Ancient Aliens Debunked:
"The Definitive Planet X Interview—Well, maybe not, but we do cover a lot of ground. Tune in to Like Flint Radio to hear GK Flint hold me to the coals about Planet X. We discussed the (ever-growing) Planet X blog I did, as well as some theological things not covered in the article. I would, in all seriousness, not truly say it's definitive as we didn’t cover all the fringe things in the interview, but that list is ever growing anyways."
Image courtesy of Like Flint Radio.

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