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Update: By the way, I also sent them this thought:

"Let me add—and I am sure I am not alone in thinking this—it is possible that I shall agree to receive a COVID-19 vaccination; however, I shall not present a COVID-19 vaccination certificate to anyone, and any business that requires one will lose my custom. Yours faithfully..."

Original post:

If you're in the UK, please consider supporting (by 29 March) Big Brother Watch's "Stop Vaccine Passports" campaign by sending an email (for which they provide a handy template) to the UK government's Cabinet Office (for which they provide the email address.) "Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove has opened a review into whether COVID-status certificates, showing evidence of a vaccination or test result, should be used in the UK. The proposal would be divisive, discriminatory and wrong. The Cabinet Office is accepting responses until 29th March."—BigBrotherWatch

I've just sent mine. In response they sent this: "Your input to the COVID status certification review has been received and will be taken into consideration. Due to the number of submissions received, we are not able to respond to submissions individually. Thank you."

Quite what "taken into consideration" actually means, I can only guess (not much), but at least it registers concern to send the email.

I also recommend watching yesterday's session of the "Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee" at which Silkie Carlo (Big Brother Watch director) and MP David Davis (a politican I admire for his integrity and intelligence *) were speaking.


[* In case anyone thinks that makes me an ardent Tory, think again. I am free to admire anyone for their personal qualities, irrespective of their party political positions, in the same way that David Davis himself is a huge admirer of the late great Labour politician Tony Benn.]

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