Ecumenical QuestMartin Erdmann & Mike Spaulding, "Ecumenism, Technocracy and the NWO", Soaring Eagle Radio (04 June 2016)

 I highly recommend a recent interview with Dr. Martin Erdmann on his book Ecumenical Quest for a World Federation, conducted by Dr. Mike Spaulding of Soaring Eagle Radio. The book is an updated version of his important research work, Building the Kingdom of God on Earth : The Churches' Contribution to Marshal Public Support for World Order and Peace, 1919-1945, which we spoke to Dr. Erdmann about in 2013

From the description:

"A large segment of the church in America today seems adrift. While many churches have developed mission statements that they believe adequately capture their intent to live out the Great Commission, the fact is there is something terribly wrong with both the message and the mission of many churches. What exactly is wrong and how can we steer churches back onto the gospel path as mission and mandate? This is the subject of my conversation with Dr. Martin Erdmann in this episode of the Soaring Eagle Radio show."—SER


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