Craig Murray, "Forget Blairite Propaganda - Sierra Leone was not Blair’s "Good War" ", World Beyond War YouTube Channel (26 September 2016)


After initially being refused entry clearance to visit the US—and then having that decision reversed in response to petition and protest—Craig Murray (former UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan) delivers a fascinating, yet disturbing, speech at the World Beyond War conference at American University, Washington DC, on 24 September.


"And my conclusion from this is that, even in the most appalling and unlikely circumstances and even in dealing with the knottiest of moral problems, it is possible to start to find a way through, but that there will never be a peaceful resolution of disputes all around the world as long as Western countries retain their current political and economic power structures; because the only thing that's going to stop this is removing the concentration of capital and the concentration of political power in a tiny number of hands of rather evil people who truly do aspire to global domination of the world's resources." 

Forget Blairite Propaganda - Sierra Leone was not Blair’s "Good War"
Image source: "Craig Murray" by Vodex on Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0); cropped, brightened

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