Triumph of Progressivism (Erdmann)

TMR xDr. Martin Erdmann, "The Triumph of Progressivism", via

The Christian Research Service has recently begun to host an abridged English version of Dr. Martin Erdmann's three-volume work, Siegeszug des Fortschrittsglaubens : Mystizismus als Nährboden des Amerikanischen Postmillennialism (The Triumph of Progressivism : Mysticism as the Basis of American Postmillennialism). Although Dr. Erdmann's work on the research project is ongoing, this abridgement (itself being updated periodically) offers valuable insights into his work, and is freely available for download at the CRS website.

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Vitamin D & Immunity (Dr. John Campbell)

TMR fDr. John Campbell, "Vitamin D and Immunity", Dr. John Campbell YouTube Channel (09 March 2020)

I have only very recently found Dr. John Campbell's videos, so I haven't had time to look at much of his output, but this video struck me as very informative and helpful vis-à-vis the current coronavirus pandemic. In the video, Dr. Campbell—a retired UK nurse with a PhD in nursing education—shares the findings of research published in the BMJ (British Medical Journal) which suggests that the regular taking of Vitamin D supplements (for most individuals) might well be beneficial for protection against infection.

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9/11 Truth & IR Silence (Dr. David Hughes)

TMR sDr. David Hughes, "9/11 Truth and the Silence of the IR Discipline", Alternatives Journal (2020)

This is significant. Dr. David Hughes, Senior Lecturer in International Relations in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the Univeristy of Lincoln, UK, publishes a hard-hitting article in a peer-reviewed journal on the subject of 9/11. With keen attention to some of the best work by 9/11 researchers, Dr. Hughes assesses the level of engagement by fellow academics in the area of International Relations (IR).

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An Israeli Coronavirus Vaccine? (MIGAL)

TMR d"Breakthrough From Israel’s MIGAL Research Institute in Development of Corona virus (COVID-19) Vaccine", Galilee Research Institute  (27 February 2020)

OK, well this sounds hopeful. Amidst all the doom and gloom in the media, here is a short news article coming out of Israel's Galilee Research Institute that says they've been working on vaccine research in a way that might just turn out to be helpful for developing a coronavirus vaccine in a matter of months.

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Assange Hearing Day 1 (Craig Murray)

TMR tCraig Murray, "Your Man in the Public Gallery - Assange Hearing Day 1", ©  (25 February 2020)

Woolwich Crown Court is designed to impose the power of the state. Normal courts in this country are public buildings, deliberately placed by our ancestors right in the centre of towns, almost always just up a few steps from a main street. The major purpose of their positioning and of their architecture was to facilitate public access in the belief that it is vital that justice can be seen by the public.

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Yarndling From The Air (Documentary)

YarndlingAirNews48© Saxonbury Films, "Yarndling From The Air", The Yarndling Channel on YouTube (09 January 2020)

Many of you will remember our conversation with Campbell Adams on the first of April 2017. Well, since then, Campbell has created a YouTube channel devoted to Yarndling and added two little-known documentaries all about the craft. In this second film, we journey with experienced yarndler Peter Day as he searhces for historic yarndling sites from the air. I hope you enjoy it and subscribe to the channel.

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Bethlehem Doctrine & Soleimani (Craig Murray)

TMR qCraig Murray, "Lies, the Bethlehem Doctrine, and the Illegal Murder of Soleimani",  (04 January 2020)

OK, I know I keep flagging up articles by former UK ambassador Craig Murray, but it often seems to be Murray that has his finger on the pulse when it comes to matters of geopolitcal deception. So, forgive me, but yet again I have to recommend another of his pieces.

Before reading this, I had never heard of the "Bethlehem Doctrine", nor its developer Daniel Bethlehem, but as Murray explains this is key to understanding what people like Mike Pompeo mean when they use phrases like "imminent attack" or "imminent threat".


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Rise of Zombie State Narrative (Craig Murray)

TMR cNews48Craig Murray, "The Terrifying Rise of the Zombie State Narrative" (02 January 2020)

It's a bit depressing, but this piece by former UK ambassador Craig Murray is well worth reading. In it he combines helpful commentary on the latest revelations about the OPCW scandal (vis-à-vis the 2018 false-flag "chemical attack" in Douma) with keen observations on the state of the establishment-controlled mainstream media. Although he doesn't actually use the phrase, everything he says reminds me of one thing: Orwell called it "The Ministry of Truth" in Nineteen Eighty-Four. This is where we are.

Still A Tin-Foil-Hat Conspiracy? (Webb)

TMR uNews48Whitney Webb, "More Americans Questioning Official 9/11 Story As New Evidence Contradicts Official Narrative", Mint Press News (11 September 2019)

Evidence continues to mount that the official narrative itself is the irrational narrative of September 11, and it becomes ever more clear that the media remains committed to preventing legitimate questions about that day from receiving the scrutiny they deserve.

Fire Did Not Cause Building 7 Collapse Concludes Study (AE9/11Truth)

TMRNews48"Fire Did Not Cause 3rd Tower's Collapse on 9/11, New Study Finds", Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (03 September 2019)

Just in case you haven't heard this very important piece of news: Dr. J. Leroy Hulsey and his team of researchers at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in the University of Alaska Fairbanks have released their draft report on the collapse of Building 7 on 9/11—available via this link [external PDF]. Entitled, "A Structural Reevaluation of the Collapse of World Trade Center 7", this draft report—the fruit of a four-year-long computer-modelling study—challenges the conclusions of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology on the cause of Building 7's collapse. As stated in the Executive Summary:

"The principal conclusion of our study is that fire did not cause the collapse of WTC 7 on 9/11, contrary to the conclusions of NIST and private engineering firms that studied the collapse." (emphasis added)

Historically-Documented False Flags (G Washington)

TMR aNews48G. Washington, "Historically-Documented Admissions of False Flag Terror: A Concise Summary" on Kindle (28 August 2019)

Here's something else I'm drawing attention to even though I haven't read it yet.

(I have however read Washington's Blog on this subject in the past, so I expect this new book to be just as interesting—probably a fuller list of historically-documented admissions of false-flag events.)

Anyway, I've just bought it—cheap at the price of only £2.43 (as I write)—and fully expect to find it illuminating.

Let me know what you think if you buy it too.

4 Times US Threatened False Flag Against Iran (Corbett Report)

TMR zkNews48James Corbett, "4 Times the US Threatened to Stage an Attack and Blame it on Iran", (18 June 2019)

James has just produced this instructive video which he has asked people to share. Please watch it—it's only about 10 minutes long—and share it widely.

"The US has threatened to stage an attack and blame it on Iran over and over in the last few years. Don’t let a war based on false pretenses happen again. Please share this video."—James Corbett

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Prof Nils Melzer on Assange's Treatment (RT)

TMR zl"UN Torture Rapporteur: Western States Persecuting Julian Assange to the Point of Breaking Him", RT (YouTube channel) (01 June 2019)

I've been meaning to post this to the website for quite a while, but simply haven't found the time until now. But I thought it important to do so just in case anyone hadn't seen this interview. Professor Nils Melzer—the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment—gives his devastating assessment of Julian Assange's treatment by the US, UK and Sweden.


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Conspiracy Theories & Epistemic Fluency (Tim Hayward)

RipplesNews48Tim Hayward, "Conspiracy Theories and Epistemic Fluency: understanding the challenge", Tim Hayward's blog (19 April 2019)

Conspiracy Theories have become an object of considerable academic research lately. Yet they present a particular conundrum for scholars. At present, there is a significant rift within the field of studies relating to conspiracy theories. Much of the most prominent and highly funded work is being done by social scientists, especially social psychologists, who aim to diagnose the cognitive error and psychological predispositions involved in creating and believing conspiracist ideas. On the other hand, a smaller band of scholars based in philosophy – a discipline especially dedicated to epistemological questions – take a more dispassionate view of theories of conspiracy. Done right, these could represent an intellectually respectable and potentially enlightening activity in a world where conspiracies happen and where the public has an interest in understanding what is happening.

Avoiding Assange (Jim Kavanagh)

AssangeEcuadorNews48Jim Kavanagh, "Avoiding Assange", © (24 April 2019)

The United States government is seeking to extradite and prosecute Julian Assange for one reason: to punish him for publishing true and embarrassing information about US crimes and intimidate every journalist in the world from doing so again. If the US government succeeds in doing this, it will strike a devastating blow to the fundamental elements of democracy throughout the world—the freedom of the press and the related ability of citizens to know what their governments are doing.

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Life's Origin - Mystery (James Tour)

JamesTourNews48Dr. James Tour, "The Mystery of the Origin of Life", Discovery Science YouTube channel (18 March 2019)

What I find particularly striking about this presentation by Dr. James Tour (T. T. and W. F. Chao Professor of Chemistry, Professor of Computer Science, Professor of Materials Science and NanoEngineering at Rice University) is his confidence in calling out "lies" and other misleading statements in peer-reviewed journals in the area of Origin of Life Studies. Some of the woolly language he points out in text books—designed to persuade the student that abiogenesis is fairly-well understood, when it's not—is also worth noting. It's also good to watch for his colourful style—maybe I should invite him to join us (?)

Solomon Asch - Always Relevant

SolomonAschExperimentNews48"A Solomon Asch Conformity Experiment", via Question Everything YouTube channel

This conformity experiment by the psychologist Solomon Asch is extremely famous, I know, so I don't really need to mention it. But when I came across this little excerpt from a documentary—which certainly gives the impression that this is a real instance of the experiment (though, of course, it might all be acting for the sake of the programme)—I was reminded of the experiment's importance for many of the things we talk about here at TMR. People—and, yes, I know that includes me and you (but at least we're aware of this, and hopefully self-critical enough to examine ourselves from time to time)—are manipulable, and manipulators know that.

Manufacturing Greta? (Wrong Kind Of Green)

GretaNews48Cory Morningstar, "The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg", (January - February 2019)

I'm still wading through this series. It's an extended research piece in "six acts" looking at organisations and individuals associated with the now-famous Greta Thunberg. I don't know about you, but from the moment it was reported that Greta had been permitted to give a presentation at the World Economic Forum in Davos— to powerful people who, presumably we are to believe, don't want to hear her message—I have been a little suspicious: not of Greta herself, but of the forces that might be invested in propelling her to stardom.

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