Between Yes and No (Edward Curtin)

EdwardCurtinNews48Edward Curtin, "Between Yes and No : Heaven and Earth with Albert Camus on a Spring Morning", © (16 April 2019)

“To give up beauty and the sensual happiness that comes with it and devote one’s self exclusively to unhappiness requires a nobility I lack.  However, after all, nothing is true that compels us to make it exclusive.  Isolated beauty ends in grimaces, solitary justice in oppression.  Anyone who seeks to serve the one to the exclusion of the other serves no one, not even himself, and in the end is doubly the servant of injustice.  A day comes when, because we have been inflexible, nothing amazes us anymore, everything is known, and our life is spent in starting again.  It is a time of exile, dry lives, dead souls.  To come back to life, we need grace, a homeland, or to forget ourselves.  On certain mornings, as we turn a corner, an exquisite dew falls on our heart and then vanishes.  But the freshness lingers, and this, always, is what the heart needs.  I had to come back once again.”—Albert Camus, “Return to Tipasa”

Assange - Time To Act Is Now (Caitlin Johnstone)

CaitlinJohnstoneNews48Caitlin Johnstone, "Assange Has Been Arrested For US Extradition. The Time To Act Is Now", © (11 April 2019)

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been arrested and taken into custody by the London’s Metropolitan police, just as WikiLeaks warned days ago was about to happen. Assange’s lawyer Jen Robinson reports that his arrest is related to an extradition request from the United States, which the British government has until now refused to admit exists.

Assange Show Trial Coming (Liberty Report)

RonPaulNews48Ron Paul & Daniel McAdams, "US Henchmen Violently Arrest Assange! Show Trial To Follow", RonPaulLibertyReport YouTube channel (11 April 2019)

I know everybody's talking about this appalling incident—and rightly so—but I was so taken with this episode of the Liberty Report that I wanted to share it. I think Daniel McAdams, in particular, hits the nail on the head when he says that the arrest of Assange is the prelude to a totalitarian-style show trial designed to produce a chilling effect in the media. (Let me also add that I am ashamed of the British Government for their complicity in this, and proud of certain politicians, such as Diane Abbott, for speaking the truth about this vile arrest.)

Bowler or Fez Bloopers 2018 (Mark Campbell)


Mark Campbell, "Bowler or Fez Film Reviews—2018 Compilation", Bowler or Fez Film Reviews YouTube channel (04 January 2019)

I think Mark will forgive me for recommending that you skip to 44:46, but that's where the fun really starts. Dyed-in-the-wool supporters of the film review channel may want to wade through the whole compilation, but the out-takes are (gently) amusing enough to entertain even the uninitiated.

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Integrity Initiative & Salisbury Poisoning? (Tom Secker)


Tom Secker, "Was the Integrity Initiative behind the Salisbury Poisoning?", (04 January 2019)

"Newly-released documents on the Institute for Statecraft’s Integrity Initiative suggest that they had a hand in the Salisbury poisoning fiasco that dominated the British press last summer. An alternative narrative — whereby the poisoning of Yulia and Sergei Skripal was the work of British military and intelligence figures, in order to transform Britain’s foreign policy — is emerging."—Tom Secker

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9/11 : Finally the Truth Comes Out? (PCR)


Paul Craig Roberts, "9/11 : Finally the Truth Comes Out?", © (04 January 2019)

Although the United States is allegedly a democracy with a rule of law, it has taken 17 years for public pressure to bring about the first grand jury investigation of 9/11. Based on the work of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth led by Richard Gage, first responder and pilots organizations, books by David Ray Griffin and others, and eyewitness testimony, the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry has presented enough hard facts to the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York to force his compliance with the provisions of federal law that require the convening of a federal grand jury to investigate for the first time the attacks of September 11, 2001.

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Integrity Initiative Briefing Note (WGSPM)


Piers Robinson et al, "Briefing note on the Integrity Initiative", Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media (21 December 2018)

I know it's not exactly classic Christmas reading, but this is what I'm going to be looking at over the next few days, as time permits (if it does). Don't be put off by the term "briefing note"; there's a lot here to take in. (As its authors state—Paul McKeigue, David Miller, Jake Mason, Piers Robinson—it's "work in progress", so it will be worth revisiting in the days ahead too.)

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Sometimes Pants Can Give You Vertigo (Curtin)


Edward Curtin, "Sometimes A Pair of Pants Can Give You Vertigo", © (04 December 2018)

"Between the experience of living a normal life at this moment on the planet and the public narratives being offered to give a sense to that life, the empty space, the gap, is enormous.  The desolation lies there, not in the facts."—John Berger, “A Man with Tousled Hair” in The Shape of a Pocket

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Peer Review & the Corruption of Scholarship (Areo)


Helen Pluckrose, James A. Lindsay & Peter Boghossian, "Academic Grievance Studies and the Corruption of Scholarship", Areo (02 October 2018)

Fascinating and instructive. Three academics (not opposed to the subjects they investigated) have published the results of their year-long experiment: to see if absurd papers would pass the peer-review process in the area of "grievance studies" (things like gender studies, queer studies, etc.) and end up published in highly-respected academic journals. Their finding? Yes.

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Bellingcat (again) names the other suspect (BBC News)


"Skripal attack: Bellingcat names second Salisbury suspect", BBC News (08 October 2018)

Wow, Bellingcat does it again! Aren't they amazing? No wonder its founder was promoted to the position of Atlantic Council Nonresident Senior Fellow, Digital Forensic Research Lab, Future Europe Initiative. But let's stand back from all this for a moment. Why are these "revelations" coming from an "investigative website" that was founded "with the help of a crowd-funding campaign"?

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Boshirov or Chepiga? (Craig Murray)


Craig Murray, " "Boshirov" is probably not “Chepiga". But he is also not “Boshirov". ", (27 September 2018)

Well, this is quite a find! In the update to his piece (see the bottom of the linked article) Craig Murray spots a nice little propaganda trick by the (always-above-board-and-eminently-trustworthy) BBC. He says—and this is on his word alone, since I haven't seen the news report myself—that the BBC news item, while discussing the identity of "Boshirov", showed only the two pictures of "Boshirov" while failing to show the picture of "Chepiga"! As he says, "incredibly..."

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Operation Nina (David MacIlwain)


David MacIlwain, "Operation Nina - A Conspirator's View", © America Herald Tribune (17 September 2018)

I find this article interesting for the following paragraphs:

"Is it possible that the unwitting Russian “agents”, whose visit to Salisbury has now become the clincher of the UK’s Novichok case, were actually lured to the vicinity of Sergei Skripal’s home, with the conveniently placed chemical weapons labs at nearby Porton Down? Without doubting the innocence of Petrov and Boshirov over any involvement in the BZ attack on the Skripals, might we consider if they were on a different mission, and victims of a “honey trap” not involving women?

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Made For (Plantaseed)


Mark, "Made For", © (08 September 2018)

Got to get back on the horse. Hardly John Wesley but something to exercise the soul. Help me live in God. Rant on the ridiculous. The slipping into mass hypnosis eh. Trying to find public expressions of sanity is more not-worth-doing. I.e. be on the internet. Much. TV? -- 'have to' watch, between 9-10 pm and be an accompanying one.

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John Bolton Rejects ICC (C-SPAN)


"Word for Word: John Bolton Says US Will Not Cooperate with International Criminal Court", C-SPAN Youtube Channel (10 September 2018)

It's a good job that the elites of the US and those of its allies never commit any war crimes, otherwise these words might look like an attempt to escape justice. Thankfully, though, such "leaders" are always impeccable advocates of "feedom, democracy and the rule of law", so there's nothing to worry about here.

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US "has seen evidence" (BBC)

TMR yNews48

"Syria War : US "has seen evidence" - chemical weapons being prepared", BBC News (07 September 2018)

 This is too much! In the same article (embedded video) we are told that the rebels in Idlib face "overwhelming odds" [against them] because they are "surrounded and outgunned", and yet that the US has " "lots of evidence" that Syrian government forces are preparing to use chemical weapons in Idlib", in spite of the US state department having "warned on Monday that Washington would respond to any chemical attacks by the Syrian government or its allies."

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Impending US, UK, French Military Action (GNS)


"Statement on impending US, UK and French military intervention in Syria", Global Network for Syria (August 30, 2018)

This is an important post. Peter Ford, a former UK ambassador to Syria—to whom we spoke recently—has confirmed to me this evening that the following statement by members of the Global Network for Syria was published today.

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John Bolton "Warns" Syria (NBC News)

JohnBoltonNews48"John Bolton Warns Syria: U.S. "Will Respond Strongly" If Chemical Weapons Used In Idlib", NBC News Youtube Channel (22 August 2018)

Excuse my cynicism, but aren't the words of US National Security Advisor John Bolton, who here "warns" Assad not to order the use of chemical weapons in Idlib—which, it seems to me, he has no good reason to do—likely to encourage violent jihadists opposed to the Syrian government to carry out just such an attack (or related hoax) to be blamed on Assad?

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English Sports (Jiskefet)


Jiskefet, "English Sports", Jiskefet YouTube channel (15 October 2014)

On a lighter note, I really must share this wonderful satire on English sports by the Dutch TV comedy programme Jiskefet. Maybe they go a little too far by including the board game, but the rest of it is priceless. There's also something "just right" about the player with a pipe in his mouth; I seem to remember people like that from my childhood. I hope you enjoy it too.

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Peter Vs Peter Debate (BeautifulDays)


Beautiful Days Festival, Peter Ford and Peter Tachell Debate, Vanessa Beeley YouTube channel (21 August 2018)

An interesting recent debate on the war in Syria between Peter Tatchell (human rights campaigner) and Peter Ford (a former UK ambassador to Syria and TMR guest) at the Beautiful Days Festival in Devon 2018. Listen out for the impassioned words of one of the audience members towards the end of the video, and enjoy the impromptu song at the close that calms tensions in the tent.

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Yarndling Through The Ages (Documentary)


Saxonbury Films © 1989, "Yarndling Through The Ages", The Yarndling Channel (26 May 2018)

Many of you will remember our conversation with Campbell Adams from the first of April last year. Well, since then, Campbell has created a YouTube channel devoted to Yarndling, and added a little-known documentary from the 1980s all about the craft. Some of you wanted to know more about the subject, so I can do no better than to recommend this film. I hope you enjoy it and subscribe to the channel!

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