John Pilger's Sydney Speech on Julian Assange


John Pilger: "John Pilger Speaks at Free Julian Assange Rally - Sydney Town Hall - 17th June 2018", Yupster2501 YT channel

John Pilger's forthright speech at the Socialist Equality Party* rally in Sydney, organised to demand that the Australian government secure Julian Assange's freedom and safe return to Australia, and guarantee his protection from any attempt to extradite him to the US.

(*Please don't be put off by the fact that this is a "socialist" rally; the issue of Julian Assange transcends politics, at least on this level.)   


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TMR 111 : Transcript : Dr. Mike Licona : On The Gospels and Their Contradifferences

MikeLiconaWhat are the New Testament Gospels? How should we read them in relation to each other? And are they really "full of contradictions", as some would say?

This week we welcome Dr. Mike Licona, associate professor of theology at Houston Baptist University, who joins us for an extended in-depth discussion on the New Testament Gospels and the differences between them. Drawing upon his many years of research into the subject, Dr. Licona leads us through the maze of questions often asked about the NT Gospels, and explains how familiarity with the literary conventions of Graeco-Roman biography and historiography can help to provide compelling answers.

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Salvation Vs Enlightenment (DSC)


"Salvation vs Enlightenment with Michael Graham", Deep State Consciousness YouTube channel (14 April 2018)

This is a highly-recommended conversation from the Deep State Consciousness podcast. Richard Cox interviews Michael Graham, former teacher of Eastern spirituality and author of the book From Guru to God : An Experience of the Ultimate Truth, whose spiritual journey eventually led him to faith in Christ. [Download mp3]


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OAN Finds No CW Attack (OAN)

Flag of SyriaNews48

"OAN Finds No Evidence of Chemical Weapon Attack in Syria", One America News Network YouTube channel (16 April 2018)

This looks important. It's certainly consistent with other reports I've been linking to at TMR. Or maybe it's more Russian propaganda. Maybe every report that contradicts the positions of Washington, London and Paris is by definition Russian propaganda. Maybe my eyes are now Russian for having watched it.

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Search For Truth In Douma Rubble (Robert Fisk)

RobertFiskNews48Robert Fisk, "The Search for Truth in the Rubble of Douma - and one doctor's doubts over the chemical attack", The Independent (16 April 2018)

This strikes me as very important. Veteran reporter Robert Fisk reports from Douma sharing a particular account of the alleged "chemical attack" that turns out to be very similar to that reported by Russian media in interviews with people who claimed to have been at the scene: that people were being treated for smoke inhalation, but then a "White Helmet" came in shouting "Gas!" and panic commenced.

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Former First Sea Lord Alan West - Assad? Really? (BBC News)

LordWestNews48"Admiral Alan West (former UK First Sea Lord) on Recent Assad CW Claims", BBC News (16 April 2018)

Some clear thinking from former First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Alan West interviewed on BBC News. Basically: Why would Assad have done this when it's not to his advantage? Wouldn't the "rebels" have greater motive?* Interesting how the interviewer tries to make him feel as if he shouldn't be asking these kinds of question.

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Peter Ford (Former Ambassador) Pleading For Sanity


Peter Ford, "Peter Ford Dropping Truth Bombs on BBC Radio Scotland", BBC Radio Scotland (April 2018)

Please listen to Peter Ford, former UK ambassador to Syria and Bahrain, injecting some sanity into BBC broadcasting. This is rare stuff.

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Blast From The Past : Putin Preditcs False Flags A Year Ago


Vladimir Putin, "Idlib ‘chemical attack’ was a false flag, more false flags to come! — Putin on Syria", Russia Insider (11 April 2017)

I thought it was worth reposting this link under the present circumstances. A year ago Vladimir Putin claimed that he had intelligence indicating that more "false flags like this one" (the chemical attack in Idlib) were being prepared elsewhere in Syria in order to "accuse the Syrian government of an attack."

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Syria - Another False Flag (Ron Paul)


Ron Paul & Daniel McAdams, "Another False Flag - Will Trump Escalate in Syria?", Ron Paul Liberty Report (09 April 2018)

"Rebel-allied organizations in Syria have claimed that the government has released chlorine gas near Ghouta, killing dozens. The Syrians and Russians deny the charges. Neocons are all demanding that Trump launch a bigger attack or America will "lose face." Will the Russians sit back and allow another US attack on the Syrian government? And if they don't?"—Ron Paul Liberty Report

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Portonblimp Down Episode 2 (Craig Murray)


Craig Murray, "Portonblimp Down Episode 2 - A Tale by Boris Johnson", (08 April 2018)

"Comrade Putin, we have successfully stockpiled novichoks in secret for ten years, and kept them hidden from the OPCW inspectors. We have also trained our agents in secret novichok assassination techniques. The programme has cost hundreds of millions of dollars, but now we are ready.

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13 Ways of Looking at the Deep State (Chris Floyd)


Chris Floyd, "Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Deep State", Empire Burlesque

I know I've posted this before, but it keeps coming back to my mind. It's worth listening to. Amazing how art can help restore a sense of sanity in a mad, mad world. Thanks Chris.

 "...Deep State is Red, Deep State is Blue..."                                                   

"...Deep State don’t give a damn for you..."

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Boris Johnson A Liar (Craig Murray)

TMR pNews48

Craig Murray, "Boris Johnson A Catagorical Liar", (22 March 2018)

"Evidence submitted by the British government in court today proves, beyond any doubt, that Boris Johnson has been point blank lying about the degree of certainty Porton Down scientists have about the Skripals being poisoned with a Russian “novichok” agent."

Doubts About "Novichoks" (McKeigue & Robinson)

TMR jNews48

McKeigue & Robinson, "Doubts About 'Novichoks' ", Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media (March 2018)

The link is to a briefing note by the Working Group on Syria, Media and Propaganda authored by Professors Paul McKeigue and Piers Robinson. It is important to bear in mind that the note reflects work in progress, but that "the substantive questions raised need answering, especially given the seriousness of the political crisis that is now developing." They welcome comments and corrections.

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"Novichok" Means Russia? Claim Discredited (Nafeez Ahmed)


Nafeez Ahmed, "The UK government is manufacturing its nerve agent case for ‘action’ on Russia", Insurge Intelligence (14 March 2018)

Although I'm recommending Nafeez Ahmed's article, let me just add a few thoughts on this Skripal affair, because it's been bothering me (as, I suspect, it has you). What would Putin have had to gain from this? It's been suggested that the attack was some kind of warning to other would-be traitors. But if you work for intelligence agencies surely you don't need such a warning. You know the score already: You sell secrets, you may well end up.

The Passing of Dr. James W. Sire


"James W. Sire" InterVarsity Press (07 February 2018)

It is with sadness that I pass on news of the death of James W. Sire, the well-known Christian writer and former senior editor at InterVarsity Press. This afternoon I received an email from my contact at IVP who kindly informed me that Dr. Sire had passed away last night. But amidst the sadness, there is also peace—which I wish for his family and friends—in the knowledge that he is with his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, whom he served for so many years.   

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