13 Ways of Looking at the Deep State (Chris Floyd)


Chris Floyd, "Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Deep State", Empire Burlesque (04 July 2016)


I read this poem by Chris Floyd back in October 2015 when he first published it at Empire Burlesque, and I thought at the time, "I wish he would perform it and put it out as a video." Well, now he has. It's a great poem.

 "...Deep State is Red, Deep State is Blue..."                                                   

"...Deep State don’t give a damn for you..."

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Could Australia Leave the AU and Become Stralia? (BrokenNews)


Broken News, "Could Australia Leave the AU and Become Stralia?", BrokenNews.com.au (24 June 2016)


We live in interesting times. Now, according to Broken News, even Stralia is on the cards! BN reports that sources and experts say Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is secretly working on plans for a referendum in Australia. Could the people of that great country soon vote to become a republic and leave the AU?

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It's Still the Iraq War, Stupid (Craig Murray)


Craig Murray, "It's Still the Iraq War, Stupid", Craig Murray (26 June 2016)


Human rights activist Craig Murray (former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan and erstwhile Rector of the University of Dundee) writes a thought-provoking piece at CraigMurray.org.uk on why there's currently such pressure within the UK Labour Party at the moment for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to go. Is it really about his handling of the EU Referendum issue? Or has it more to do with the upcoming Chilcot Report? Maybe they want him shut up before he can stand up in parliament and condemn Blair over Iraq.

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The Brexit Vote : What Does It Mean? (PCR)


Paul Craig Roberts, "The Brexit Vote", PaulCraigRoberts.org (24 June 2016)


I have just received an email from Dr. Roberts asking TMR to help get the word out. Here is what he says:

The Brexit Vote. What does it mean?

Hopefully, a breakup of the EU and NATO and, thereby, the avoidance of World War III.

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Brexit Wins! Cameron Resigns!! EUpocalypse Now!!! (James Corbett)


James Corbett, "Brexit Wins! Cameron Resigns!! EUpocalypse Now!!!", The Corbett Report (24 June 2016)


A nice little celebration from James Corbett this morning. Cheers James!


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Brits Lead Anti-Establishment Rebellion in European Departure (David Haggith)


David Haggith, "Brexit: Brits Lead Anti-Establishment Rebellion in European Departure", © The Great Recession Blog (24 June 2016)


Regardless of the extent to which global fear mongers are right about the economic catastrophe that will hit every shore of the world after the Brexit, the most significant fact of the Brexit will be that the UK was the first nation to start the inevitable break-up of the EU. I have said since its beginning it cannot and will not hold together.


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Brexit : What Is It About? (Paul Craig Roberts)


Paul Craig Roberts, "Brexit : What Is It About?", © PaulCraigRoberts.org (22 June 2016)

If you read the presstitute media, Brexit—the referendum tomorrow on the UK’s exit from the
EU— is about racism. According to the story line, angry rightwing racists of violent inclinations want to leave the EU to avoid having to accept more dark-skinned immigrants into England.

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TTIP : Public Services Under Attack (War On Want)


Report by War on Want, "Public Services Under Attack", WarOnWant.org (October 2015)


Further to our recent conversation with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on Brexit, a listener has kindly drawn my attention to this report by War on Want on the proposals for TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between the EU and the US) and CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between the EU and Canada).

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German foreign minister accuses Nato of 'warmongering' against Russia (Telegraph)


Justin Huggler, "German foreign minister accuses Nato of 'warmongering' against Russia", The Telegraph (18 June 2016)

Interesting development. According to The Telegraph, the German Minister for Foreign Affairs, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, has criticised NATO for "sabre-rattling and warmongering" against Russia with its recent military exercises in Poland and the Baltics. Not a good idea, he thinks.

Quite right.

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Jo Cox : Husband Brendan's Statement


Brendan Cox : Statement following the tragic killing of his wife Jo—(Helen Joanne, Labour MP for Batley and Spen)

"Today is the beginning of a new chapter in our lives—more difficult, more painful, less joyful, less full of love. I and Jo's friends and family are going to work every moment of our lives to love and nurture our kids and to fight against the hate that killed Jo.

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US Terrorism Hits Orlando – Not Just for Syrians Anymore (Tony Cartalucci / NEO)


Tony Cartalucci, "US Terrorism Hits Orlando – Not Just for Syrians Anymore", © New Eastern Outlook (15 June 2016)

A horrific attack unfolded this week when Omar Mateen entered a nightclub in Orlando, Florida before allegedly opening fire killing 50 and injuring scores more. Mateen would eventually be gunned down himself by police.

At face value it appears to be another "extremist" attack—an extension of America’s ongoing "War on Terror." In reality Mateen is instead an extension of America's use of terrorism as a geopolitical tool to fight its enemies abroad and maintain paralyzing fear, division, and hysteria at home.

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Ecumenism, Technocracy & the NWO (Martin Erdmann / Soaring Eagle Radio)


Ecumenical QuestMartin Erdmann & Mike Spaulding, "Ecumenism, Technocracy and the NWO", Soaring Eagle Radio (04 June 2016)

 I highly recommend a recent interview with Dr. Martin Erdmann on his book Ecumenical Quest for a World Federation, conducted by Dr. Mike Spaulding of Soaring Eagle Radio. The book is an updated version of his important research work, Building the Kingdom of God on Earth : The Churches' Contribution to Marshal Public Support for World Order and Peace, 1919-1945, which we spoke to Dr. Erdmann about in 2013

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Conspiracies & the Christian (Mike Hopkins / Fight The Lies Radio)


Mike Hopkins, "Breaking The Silence – Episode 003 – Conspiracies Everywhere!", Fight The Lies Radio (18 May 2016)


Yesterday, during an eight-hour car journey from Lancashire down to Dorset, I took the opportunity to listen to Mike Hopkins of Fight The Lies Radio talking about the issue of—and this is my title for it—'Conspiracy Theories and the Christian'. I'm glad I did; I enjoyed it very much, and Mike made a great travelling companion. Speaking much from his own experience, Mike makes many keen observations that I think people might find helpful. So, if you have time, give it a listen!

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Brexit : The Movie (Martin Durkin)


Martin Durkin, "Brexit : The Movie", Brexit : The Movie YouTube channel (12 May 2016)


Just in case there's anyone out there who hasn't seen it yet...

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Christian union stopped from meeting in UK college (Premier)


Aaron James, "Christian union stopped from meeting in UK college ", Premier.org.uk (06 June 2016)


According to Premier, the Christian charity 'Festive' has confirmed that a UK college of further education has barred a Christian union from meeting on the grounds that it is "prohibited under the government's Prevent scheme." At the moment, there's very little information about this, so I can't say anything definite, but it certainly sounds alarming.

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An American Message to Great Britain (Western Conservatory)


Geoffrey Botkin, "An American Message to Great Britain", Western Conservatory (2016)


Following our recent interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on Brexit, I was contacted by Geoffrey Botkin of Western Conservatory of the Arts and Sciences, who kindly sent me the following video which they have produced urging people in the UK to vote "Leave." (The video is embedded below.)


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Peter Hitchens :The UK government's counter-extremism strategy is dangerous (BBC)


Peter Hitchins, "On the dangers of the UK government's counter-extremism strategy", DefendFreeSpeech YouTube channel (26 May 2016)

"At the moment you start trying to use the law against opinions then you are moving from a free society into an unfree society. Since the first Queen Elizabeth said, "I do not wish to make windows into men's souls", it's been our principal: You can be punished for what you do, you cannot be punished for what you think, and you can't be punished for what you say unless it is incitement to crime. And as long as you maintain that boundary you are a free country.

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Planet X and the Theories that Love Him (Frank Johnson / Garth Kennedy)


Frank Johnson & Garth Kennedy, "Planet X and the Theories that Love Him", Like Flint Radio (05 May 2016)


In a very enjoyable show, Garth Kennedy of Like Flint Radio interviews Frank Johnson, author and blogger at Ancient Aliens Debunked, on the subject of Planet X. Based upon Frank's article, "Our Wacky Solar System: Planet X and the Theories That Love Him”, they discuss both plausible and fringe theories surrounding Planet X.

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Live YouTube Streaming Show, Sunday 22nd May 2016 (Dissident Prophet)

DPEvent smNews48

Dissident Prophet, "Live YouTube Streaming Show, Sunday 22nd May 2016", Dissident Prophet YouTube channel (22 May 2016)

The amazing Christian indie rock band Dissident Prophet from Birmingham UK announces a "Live YouTube Streaming Show" event to take place on Sunday the 22nd of May 2016 starting at 9 pm (British Summer Time) at this address (https://www.youtube.com/user/werenotgrasshoppers/live). Be there or be square! (official TMR comment)


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50 Flat Earth Bad Memes (Five Red Pears)


FiveRedPears, "25 Flat Earth Bad Memes" & "Another 25 Flat Earth Bad Memes", FiveRedPears YouTube channel (05 & 07 April 2016)

When I chatted with the "Nephilim Boys" for the New Year's Day episode of TMR, I thought that Flat Earth Theory couldn't last much longer—and I still suspect it hasn't got enough legs to run for more than a year or two (?)—but videos still seem to be coming out on YouTube at quite a rate. So, it's great to see another couple of good debunking videos from FiveRedPears—straightforward, simply presented and effective.


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