South Africa Ivermectin Ban (SAHPRA)

TMR zi "Ivermectin is not indicated nor approved by SAHPRA for use in humans", South African Health Products Regulation Authority (22 December 2020)

Can you believe this? SAHPRA (South Africa's drug regulation body) has announced that "any attempt to import [ivermectin] into the country will be perceived as being unlawful." They claim that it could be unsafe for treating COVID-19 and that there is "no evidence" to support its use. To top it all, the announcement encourages people to snitch on each other and report to SAHPRA's Inspectorate and Regulatory Compliance department. (See update below.)

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Establishment Smears Robert Fisk (Jonathan Cook)

TMR zf Jonathan Cook, "Establishment journalists are piling on to smear Robert Fisk now he cannot answer back", (30 November 2020)

British journalist Jonathan Cook—2011 winner of the Martha Gellhorn Special Award for Journalism—writes powerfully in defence of Robert Fisk, the veteran British journalist who died in October at the age of 74. During his life Fisk was frequently dubbed as "controversial" by the establishment because he dared to challenge various mainstream narratives, especially as regards the Middle East. So now, seizing the opportunity provided by his death, to write against him with impunity, journalists who disagreed with him (and probably envied him too) are jumping on the bandwagon to smear him and shore up their own right-on credentials.

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We Are Pawns in a Bigger Game (Peak Prosperity)

TMR zhChris Martenson, "We are Pawns in a Bigger Game than We Realize : Understanding the Coming 'Great Reset' ", © (30 October 2020)

“I had grasped the significance of the silence of the dog, for one true inference invariably suggests others…. Obviously the midnight visitor was someone whom the dog knew well.”—Sherlock Holmes—The Adventures of Silver Blaze

Is it possible to make sense out of nonsense? So much these days is an incoherent mess. It’s complete nonsense.

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Government by Decree - CoViD & Constitution (Lord Sumption)

TMR tLord Jonathan Sumption, "Government by decree - Covid-19 and the Constitution", Cambridge Freshfields Lecture (27 October 2020)

"The disputes over Brexit last year saw an attempt to make the executive, not Parliament, the prime source of authority in the Constitution. The coronavirus crisis has provoked another attempt to marginalise Parliament, this time with the willing acquiescence of the House of Commons. Is this to be our future?"

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7 Pretrib Problems & the Prewrath Rapture (Chris White)

TMR a"7 Pretrib Problems and the Prewrath Rapture", (2020)

Do take the time to watch Chris White's latest documentary: 7 Pretrib Problems and the Prewrath Rapture. It's informative, persuasive and very well produced. (It's long though, so maybe the audio version might be more useful for some. (You can access it here via in mp3 format.)

"It’s a story that most of us in the West know—or think we know. If you’ve spent any time in the Christian faith, you’ve probably seen the movies, read the books, or heard the sermons about a forthcoming supernatural event known as the Rapture. A time when millions of people will suddenly vanish from the Earth just prior to the greatest apocalyptic event imaginable."

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Go Viral ! (Cambridge Uni)

TMR r"GO VIRAL !", University of Cambridge & UK Government (2020)

Well, I quite enjoyed that! The latest e-newsletter from Cambridge Uni invited me to play this online "pre-bunking" game called "Go Viral!", which is aimed at helping people to spot "fake news" on social media. So I thought, "They say it only takes five minutes, so why not?" It attempts to put you in the shoes, so to speak, of an irresponsible purveyor of "fake news" who is intent on nothing but maximising "likes" and gaining a reputation as a "truth teller".

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"Too Much Truth" - Pilger on Assange Hearings


"John Pilger : Julian Assange’s Crimes Are Truth Telling & Making War Criminals Look in The Mirror", RT YouTube channel (03 October 2020)

Who could say it better than the brilliant John Pilger? After attending the Julian Assange extradition "hearings", John Pilger shares his assessment of the proceedings with Afshin Rattansi of RT's Going Underground programme. For Pilger's article from the previous day, see here.

"Assange represents what I would say is too much truth. It is the most important political trial of this century—certainly one of the most important of my lifetime, and it's been virtually blacked out by most of the so-called, misnamed, mainstream media."—Pilger


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Do Parachutes Work? Randomised Control Trial (BMJ)

TMR pYeh & Valsdottir et al, "Parachute use to prevent death and major trauma when jumping from aircraft: randomized controlled trial", British Medical Journal (BMJ 2018;363:k5094)

"Should our results be reproduced in future studies, the end of routine parachute use during jumps from aircraft could save the global economy billions of dollars spent annually to prevent injuries related to gravitational challenge."


Objective: To determine if using a parachute prevents death or major traumatic injury when jumping from an aircraft.

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CoViD-19 Management with Dr Paul Marik

TMR z"COVID-19 Management With Dr. Paul Marik - Author Of MATH+ Protocol", DrBeen Medical Lectures YouTube channel (16 September 2020)

This discussion is excellent and important in my view. Dr. Paul Marik of East Virginia Medical School (EVMS), author of the MATH+ Protocol, describes the viral-replication and inflammatory stages of CoViD-19 and stresses the importance of the right treatments at the right time. That sounds obvious, but he contends that that's not always going on in hospitals, and that some of that may stem from the profit motives of Big Pharma. (I found the discussion on viral debris particularly fascinating. Please do watch this.)

(Again, please be aware that I am NOT a medical doctor. I have no training in medicine whatsoever. Please do not take this posting as medical advice in any way. I am simply sharing with you something of interest.)

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Novichok, Navalny, Nordstream, Nonsense (Craig Murray)

TMR t"Novichok, Navalny, Nordstream, Nonsense", (03 September 2020)

Well, I just had to flag this one up. (I can't reproduce the article this time, because Craig Murray hasn't stated that people can republish this one - I don't know why). Anyway, having reacted to the Navalny-Putin-Poisoning story with, "Oh, not again! You've gotta be kidding me!", as soon as I heard it on the kitchen radio—tuned to the ever-truthful Auntie Beeb (BBC)—I was relieved to read Craig Murray's delightful put-down of the narrative.

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Supercomputer CoViD Breakthrough? (Dr Chris Martenson)

TMR q"Supercomputer Breakthrough For Treating Covid-19?", Dr. Chris Martenson YouTube Channel (04 September)

Well that's the headline, but Chris Martenson's subtitle for the video is, "Or why Vit-D and Ivermectin Work!", and that's what particularly interests me. If this "bradykinin storm" (which the new study postulates may be key to understanding inflammatory aspects of CoViD-19) is as important (or possibly even more important?) than the much-discussed "cytokine storm", this might help to explain—as Chris Martenson highlights—why Vitamin D and Ivermectin seem so successful in treating the disease.

(Again, please be aware that I am NOT a medical doctor. I have no training in medicine whatsoever, so please do not take this posting as medical advice in any way. I am simply sharing with you something of interest.)

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New Vitamin D Study (Dr Been)

TMR n"New Study - Vitamin D High Dose and COVID-19", DrBeen Medical Lectures YouTube channel (08 September 2020)

I'm sharing this one for two reasons: One, because I think it's an important study that's well-explained here; and Two, because Dr. Syed ("Dr. Been"), who was a guest on TMR a few weeks back, has urged his viewers to share it widely. Please do watch this and share it.

(Again, please be aware that I am NOT a medical doctor. I have no training in medicine whatsoever, so please do not take this posting as medical advice in any way. I am simply sharing with you something of interest.)

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Bromhexine (Dr Been)

TMR o"Bromhexine", DrBeen Medical Lectures YouTube channel (28 July 2020)

I've taken some interest in this one. Bromhexine is a "mucolytic drug used in treating respiratory disorders associated with viscid [sticky] or excessive mucus" that's available "over-the-counter" in many countries (although not, apparently, in the US). It seems that the drug has been gaining some attention because it may help to block an enzyme (TRMPSS2) that's key to priming the SARS-CoV-2 "S protein" by which the virus can gain entry into our cells. Although there is little clinical evidence yet of its effectiveness, there is a theoretical basis for the suggestion. Please see the links on the video page for more information.

(Again, please be aware that I am NOT a medical doctor. I have no training in medicine whatsoever. Please do not take this posting as medical advice in any way. Please DO NOT take any medications without supervision by a medical doctor. I am simply sharing with you something of interest.)

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Scientism, COVID & CS Lewis (John West)

TMR v"Science and Scientism in the Age of COVID-19: Wisdom from C.S. Lewis", Discovery Science YouTube channel (19 August 2020)

As an antidote to this: "A Christian Statement on Science for Pandemic Times", published by BioLogos—which, though it contains much that is true, also makes some statements that made me feel extremely uncomfortable, and which I most certainly will NOT sign—I draw attention to this excellent presentation by John G. West of The Discovery Institute, in which he draws upon some prophetic warnings by C. S. Lewis about the rise of what Lewis called "Scientocracy", but which we are now more likely to term "Technocracy", and relates them to the current pandemic.

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Great News! Triple Protocol Released to Australian GPs! (CDD)

TMR f"Ivermectin Triple Therapy Protocol for COVID-19 Released to Australian GPs for Infected Elderly and Frontline Workers", (19 August 2020)

Excellent news! Professor Thomas Borody of Australia's Centre for Digestive Diseases today announces that his "Australian Triple Therapy", which involves the cheap and widely-available drug Ivermectin, has been released for use in treating COVID-19. The press release states that Australian GPs (general practitioner doctors) can now "legally prescribe it to their COVID-19 positive patients [and] prescribe it as a preventative medication." This is huge news! Let us hope that this will proceed unhindered (see below), and that such action will lead to a growing openness to pre-existing treatments.

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Why Ban 2 Potential COVID Cures? (Andrew Bolt)

TMR x"There is no good reason to ban two potential ‘COVID cures’ ", (17 August 2020)

I have to say, Sky News Australia has been doing some good coverage of these kinds of issues recently. Here we see Sky News host Andrew Bolt question why two "cheap, generic drugs" are being pushed aside in favour of a promised vaccine some way down the line. Is it, he speculates, because there's "no big money in generic, no-label drugs for the big pharma companies"? I'm very glad these issues are being raised on MSM, but I wonder if this goes far enough.

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L-Lysine Saving Lives in Dominican Republic (Bo Karlicki)

TMR v"L-Lysine - Saving Lives in Dominican Republic", Dr. Jennifer Hibberd YouTube Channel (15 August 2020)

This is another "must see" video in my humble and medically-untrained opinion. Dr. Jennifer Hibberd—who, I confess, I know nothing about, but I think she might be a dentist—speaks to a man called Bo Karlicki (who admits to not being a medical professional) who lives in the Dominican Republic and who claims that he has had personal success in managing Covid-19 with a food supplement called L-Lysine. Now, if all that sounds like satire (which wouldn't be unknown on TMR), let me assure you it isn't.

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Australian Triple Therapy (Prof Thomas Borody)

TMR p"Professor Thomas Borody’s Ivermectin Triple Therapy", Triple M Night Shift (12 August 2020)

Though short, this is an eye-opening interview. Professor Thomas Borody, MB, BS, BSc(Med), MD, PhD, DSc, FRACP, FACP, FACG, AGAF, Director of the Centre for Digestive Diseases, Sydney, Australia—(and I'm only listing that lot to show that he isn't someone who can easily be dismissed as a "quack")—briefly discusses his "Australian Triple Therapy" involving the drug Ivermectin, which he maintains can "treat and get rid of" Covid-19. But he also hints at forces that might not wish it to succeed.

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Kennedy vs Dershowitz Vaccine Debate

TMR f"Heated Vaccine Debate—Kennedy Jr. vs Dershowitz", Valuetainment YouTube channel (23 July 2020)

I expect that many of you will have seen this debate already, but if you haven't I recommend it highly. Lawyer and activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr (of Children's Health Defense) and well-known US constitutional lawyer Alan Dershowitz battle it out over the question of mandatory vaccinations in the Covid-19 world. The debate is respectful, good-natured, frequently passionate, but above all full of startling information.

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