MarciaOur guest this week is ex-professional astrologer Marcia Montenegro of Christian Answers for the New Age, who joins us to discuss the diverse teachings and practices of the New Age movement. Neither a religion nor a philosophy, but more precisely a worldview, the New Age offers a perceptive critique of many of the dehumanising features of modern life, but proposes a solution, which (though in many ways attractive) is nevertheless deceptive, harmful, and ultimately incapable of delivering on its promises. Marcia also shares with us her spiritual journey: from her initial rejection of Christianity, through her increasing involvement in the New Age to the point of becoming a professional astrologer and one-time president of the Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society, to her eventual coming to faith in Jesus Christ and subsequent work as a missionary reaching out to those involved in the New Age.


 [The New Age, spirit guides, astral travel, astrology, as above so below, the tarot, transcendental meditation, out-of-body experience, numerology, palm reading, theosophy, the Occult, demons, gnosticism, the One, New Thought, reincarnation, spiritual evolution, Age of Aquarius, Age of Pisces, Hinduism, Buddhism, logic, truth, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, the Holy Spirit, Jesus, God, the Calming of the Storm, Paul Tillich, John A. T. Robinson, David E. Jenkins]


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