TomSeckerWriter, researcher and film-maker Tom Secker joins us for a detailed interview on 7/7 (the July 7th 2005 London bombings). Drawing upon his several years of research, Tom shares with us many of the problems with the official story, delves into the backstories behind the alleged suicide bombers, and uncovers layer upon layer of suspicious information suggesting that 7/7 may have been a false-flag terror event instigated by British Intelligence.

Tom also discusses how, in the run-up to the attacks, predictive programming in popular culture may have shaped public perception of 7/7, and how cognitive infiltration as a double bluff has negatively impacted the quest for 7/7 truth.

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Interview Notes

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[7/7, false-flag terrorism, Al Qaeda, IRA, Joseph Martoccia, Sue Clarke, Sylvia Waugh, Richard Jones, Alexandra Grove, Leeds, Luton train station, CCTV, King's Cross, Russell Square, Edgware Road, Piccadilly Line, Liverpool Street, Tavistock Square, Iqra book shop, Martin McDaid, Operation Crevice, fertiliser bomb plot, Mohammed Qayyum Khan, Omar Khyam, Mohammed Junaid Babar, Malakand, intelligence failures, MI5, agents provocateurs, Canary Wharf, 7/7 Ripple Effect, Peter Power, predictive programming, BBC, Spooks, Dirty War, conspiracy theorising, Cass Sunstein, cognitive infiltration, Demos, alternative media]



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