RussWise"Christ waits for your acceptance of Him as YOURSELF, and His Wholeness as YOURS" (A.C.I.M.)

This week our guest is Russ Wise, vice president of Christian Information Ministries and long-time researcher into New Religious Movements, who joins us to discuss the highly-influential "A Course in Miracles". Beginning (humanly-speaking) with Helen Schucman in the mid-1960s who claimed that the Course was dictated to her by the "voice" of Jesus, and popularised in more recent times by Oprah Winfrey and Marianne Williamson, the Course claims to offer the key to understanding reality that brings spiritual freedom and joy. But is it true?

Measuring its claims against the most reliable source of information we have about Jesus (the New Testament), Russ Wise shows why A.C.I.M. cannot have originated with the real Jesus of Nazareth, and why it is both false and spiritually damaging. Russ also shares with us how best to engage with people who are persuaded by its teachings.

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