ColourflamarionThis week we are joined by Graham of the excellent "FiveRedPears" YouTube channel, for a fascinating and entertaining discussion on contemporary Flat-Earth Theory.

We mostly discuss some of the more well-known flat-Earth proponets, such as Eric Dubay, Mark Sargent, jeranism and TheMorgile, and I ask Graham (a mathematics teacher by profession) to assess some of their key arguments, using the logic, observation and straightforward geometry so characteristic of his video presentations. Graham also explains why the standard, spherical Earth model is in every way to be preferred, and shares with us from his experience of interacting with people caught up in the flat-Earth scene.

The FiveRedPears channel—that "somehow ended up being mostly a flat-Earth debunking channel" but which (says Graham) may one day "disappear back into the festering, stagnant corner of social media that spawned it"—can be found here. (

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