KyleGreenwoodWe are joined by Dr. Kyle Greenwood, associate professor of Old Testament and Hebrew Language at Colorado Christian University, for a discussion on his thought-provoking yet controversial book Scripture and Cosmology : Reading the Bible Between the Ancient World and Modern Science.

Christians often claim to hold a biblical worldview, but what about a biblical cosmos view? In Genesis, argues Dr. Greenwood, we encounter a solid dome above the earth—a "firmament"—like the ceiling of a planetarium. The language of the Bible is also that of the ancient Near Eastern palace, temple and hearth; there was no other way of thinking about earth, sky, sun, moon and stars.

But Dr. Greenwood explains how faithful Christian thinkers down the ages have engaged with new cosmologies—from Aristotelian to Copernican and beyond—while continuing in the light of Scripture; a tradition of interpretation, he argues, that can illuminate our own endeavours to understand the relationship between Scripture and God's world.

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