TMR 192a : [Reposting] Dr. Daniele Ganser : NATO's Secret Armies - Operation GLADIO

DanieleGanserIn place of the scheduled programme—which has had to be cancelled at the last minute*—we take the opportunity to repost one of TMR's most highly-regarded interviews: a conversation with the Swiss historian Dr. Daniele Ganser on the subject of his seminal book NATO's Secret Armies: Operation GLADIO and Terrorism in Western Europe.

Shortly after WWII a Europe-wide network of secret armies was organised under the aegis of NATO, tasked with providing military and intelligence resistance in the event of a feared Soviet invasion. Modelled on the resistance movements of the war years, many of these "stay behind" units remained faithful to their original mandate. But by the early 1960s - under the pressures of anti-communist politicking and flirtations with the Far Right - some of these groups began to morph into something more sinister, linking up with extreme right-wingers who carried out acts of false-flag terrorism, harassment of left-wing parties and coups d'état.

But was this morphing simply an unforseen consequence of the unaccountability and instability of the network itself? Or was it, at least in part, engineered by the very Anglo-American establishment which gave birth to the project in the first place? And to what extent, therefore, can such acts of terror be seen as manifestations of 'the strategy of tension', carried out by the State against its own citizens for the purposes of control at home and geopolitical gain abroad?

[* This week's programme, which was almost ready to be published, has been cancelled at short notice. Our guest, a 9/11 researcher (who currently wishes to remain anonymous), has decided that the conversation—owing to developments in the two weeks since it was recorded—might inadvertently jeopardise efforts to obtain certain information under FOIA request. Not wishing to hinder such efforts, TMR has therefore agreed not to publish. We have been assured, however, that TMR will be among the first to share any significant new findings by way of interviews later in 2018.]

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TMR 192 : Rob Decker : From Suicide to Salvation

RobDecker"I said, "I'm done", and I turned around and ran head-first out of a closed window"—Rob Decker

We are joined by Rob Decker—husband, father, personal trainer and health coach—for a conversation centred in his remarkable testimony of coming to faith in God after a failed suicide attempt.

"My objective is to share the story of my failed suicide attempt that led to a relationship with God. I suffered many years of sadness, anger and confusion, and fed that with drugs, alcohol and bad relationships, but eventually God turned all that into a story of forgiveness, understanding and love. I desire to inspire, encourage and give hope to those who have had similar battles."—Rob Decker

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TMR 191 : Dr. Andreas J. Köstenberger : The Heresy of Orthodoxy

AndreasKostenbergerWe are joined by Dr. Andreas J. Köstenberger, Senior Research Professor of New Testament and Biblical Theology at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, for a detailed discussion on the important book he co-authored with Dr. Michael J. Kruger, The Heresy of Orthodoxy.

Subtitled "How contemporary culture's fascination with diversity has reshaped our understanding of early Christianity", The Heresy of Orthodoxy deconstructs the fashionable trend—both in academia and popular culture—to view early Christianity as essentially a diverse collection of irreconcilable theologies, and through historical reasoning cogently argues for the priority of normative Christianity.

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TMR 190 : Jeff "T-Rex" Bankens : Strongman for Christ

JeffBankensWe are joined by Jeff "T-Rex" Bankens—a Christian minister and performing Strongman with several World Records to his name—for a conversation on his experience of coming to faith in Jesus Christ and his unique ministry of combining world-class feats of strength with preaching the Gospel.

"TRex—who lives in Westlake, Louisiana—performs strength demonstrations that evoke the olden-days Strongmen such as Dennis Rogers, The Mighty Atom, WA Pullum, Eugene Sandow and Louis Cyr. After growing up in a broken home and living a life of addiction and dissipation, T-Rex was converted to faith in Jesus Christ and now testifies to the life-changing power of Christ to audiences of all ages. He also uses his unique performance skills to encourage children to be the best persons and students they can be, and is planning to expand into prison ministry in 2018."

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