TMR 213 : Dr. Tim Ball : More New Adages for the Technocratic Era

DrTimBallBy popular demand, we welcome back Dr. Tim Ball—a "retired" lecturer in geography and historical climatology at the University of Winnipeg, and now perhaps the most entertaining and informative after-dinner speaker on the planet—for a second conversation on his "new adages for the technocratic era".

During the last conversation, Dr. Ball said that maybe we would need a second programme to cover his adages adequately. Many listeners picked up on that, and asked me to invite him back for a second chat. So I did, and here it is—another fun, wide-ranging and provocative conversation.

"Adages are proverbs, or short memorable statements, expressing a general truth, usually based on experience. Many have no relevance to the modern world, such as "Don’t look a Gift Horse in the mouth", but many are still useful: “Where there is smoke there is fire.” What we need are new adages for the modern technocratic age."--Tim Ball, "New Adages for the Technocratic Era".

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