MadamBellCaps"Things go missing. Things get moved from room to room. And things happen in the gardens. It's strange. One day there's a beautiful crop of something; the next morning 'tis all gone, or 'tis all rotten on the trees. How do you explain that?"—Madam Bell Caps

We are joined by our roving reporter Mark Campbell, who shares and discuss with us a fascinating interview he had recently with the 107-year-old Madam Bell Caps (a.k.a. Isabella Caps), one of the few surviving keepers of the Ooser tradition, whose grandparents—she insists—were witnesses to the Dorset Ooser itself.

Is the Ooser just a mask, traditionally used in "skimmity riding"? Or is there something more sinister behind that peculiar face—perhaps a spine-chilling reality that few are prepared to mention? Join us as we listen to Bell's captivating words and discuss in studio this rare—indeed exclusive—conversation.

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[Ooser, Dorset, Winterbourne Steepleton, Thomas Hardy, William Barnes, artichokes, Tilly Whim Caves, Durlston, Agglestone, dog ghosts, milk, knees]



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