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  • xfamily.org - Disclaimers:

    • (1) Before visiting the xfamily websites and searching for the documents listed below, please be advised that some of the material is sexually explicit, offensive and promotive of illegal acts. TMR references this material for documentation purposes only.

    • (2) As stated in the interview itself, TMR cannot verify that any of the documents listed below are genuine.

      • "The Devil Hates Sex! - But God Loves It!" attributed to "Father David", 20 May 1980 (DFO #999)

      • "Pre-Release of "Who Said They're Dead?"" via pubs.xfamily.org, page 62, items 3059, 3060 and 3061
  • Podcast theme music: Chillout Me by Antony Raijekov from his Jazz U album (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

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