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"Dr Malcalm B. Splead is Head of Snow Studies in the University of Devizes, UK. Despite leaving school at the age of sixteen with only one qualification—a City and Guilds Certificate Level 1 in Home Economics*—Malcalm quickly matured into one of the most outstanding scientists of his generation, completing a BSc in Snow Studies (First Class Hons) in just three weeks and writing up for a PhD on the theory of the snowosphere in an incredible two months. After a three-year postdoc at the Technical University in Swanage (Dorset) in which he worked on various methods of weighing snow at different altitudes, Malcalm was appointed as Head of Snow Studies at Devizes in 1998. Dr Malcalm is widely acknowledged to be one of the few top experts in the world on the snowosphere."

[* Dr Malcalm would also like to add that he almost passed his Cycling Proficiency Test.]


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