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Some Recent Academic Papers Relevant to Questioing Covid-19 Injection Safety


Items mentioned in / relevant to the interview

  • Jason Jones, "Looking for Le God: The story of Matt Le Tissier’s blasphemous omission from England’s 1998 World Cup squad", via (30 May 2019)

  • "How Good Was Matt Le Tissier Really?", (26 June 2021)

  • Dr John Campbell's video deleted by YouTube (

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  • Fraser Nelson, "The lockdown files: Rishi Sunak on what we weren’t told", The Spectator (27 August 2022)

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  • "Ex-England star Matt Le Tissier is blasted for sharing anti-vaccine conspiracy theories amid fears online propaganda is fuelling footballers' Covid jab concerns", Mail Online (12 November 2021)

  • Paul Knaggs, "Sir Keir Starmer: The Trilateral Commission and Jeffrey Epstein", Labour Heartlands (24 February 2020)

  • The Crisis of Democracy, The Trilateral Commision (1975) (Wikpiedia entry: [JC: To get the gist, look at this comment and these quotes from the document: "The report observed the political state of the United States, Europe and Japan, and says that in the United States the problems of governance "stem from an excess of democracy" and thus advocates "to restore the prestige and authority of central government institutions."

  • TA Frank, "Jeffrey Epstein and the Decline of the American Expermient", Vanity Fair (04 December 2018)

  • Mark Crispin Miller's News from Underground, currently featuring a series called "In Memory of" (

  • "Sergio Aguero Reveals Threat of Heart Attack Prior to Retirement and Discusses Uncertainty Over Covid Vaccine or Virus Impact", (22 February 2022)


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